Oh, hey. I see you’re checking out my blog. As of today there’s not much here, but I hope that changes over the coming weeks and months. This blog will be the outlet for all of my crazy (and not so crazy) adventures in life. Cool things I try, failed experiments, craft projects, pinterest-fueled decorating sprees, landscaping, beer brewing (I hope!), and whatever else I do. I have no idea if I’ll keep up with this like I should, or if anyone will even bother reading it, but hey, why not try? That’s what living enthusiastically is all about, right?

anyway, maybe you want to know something about me. I’m Brit, a 20-something living life on the central Oregon coast. I’m a self proclaimed crazy cat lady, though I only have two of my own. I live with my boyfriend and two room human roommates, plus 2 other 4 legged roommates in addition to my two cats.

Interests and hobbies include, but are not limited to: cats, scrap booking, beer, board games, video games, wall art, thrift stores, garage sales, good food, running, chocolate and naps.

If you’ve managed to somehow stumble here…. Introduce yourself!