No ‘Poo: 2 Weeks In

Today marks the two week mark for my “No ‘Poo” experiment. I brought my BS and ACV on the airplane (in my checked bag), and although I wasn’t worried about the vinegar, I thought a mason jar with some white powder in the bottom might seem a little suspicious. It doesn’t look like my bag was searched though, which is convenient, because I wouldn’t have wanted them tearing my bag apart.

Some comments:
  • My head feels a little itchy, though not much.
  • My hair feels sort of heavy, but not too bad. 
  • My hair had been more staticky this week – although this may possibly be related to switching to a boar bristle brush (which was recommended by several of the sites I read)
So far I am not really noticing much of a difference. My hair still feels greasy in between the BS/ACV “washes”, and I still feel like I need to wash every other day or so.  It also takes me a little longer in the shower – I need to mix up the baking soda, and I am not used to conditioning my hair. The lack of foam/bubbles throws me off a little as I massage the BS into my scalp, and I’m still not sure how long I am supposed to massage it for. It’s also hard to tell if I’ve gotten all of my head, although so far I haven’t noticed any missed spots.
Anyway, I’m still giving it at least one more week to get to the recommended three and see if things change. One good point is that this is giving me a chance to try out more hairstyles that involve putting my hair up and trying some of the headbands that I own!

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