What are you going to DO all day?

Tomorrow (Friday) is my last day of work with the Siletz CARE Program. The past two and half years have been a wonderful experience,but I have learned a valuable lesson — I don’t handle vicarious trauma well. I am ready for a mental and an emotional break.  I don’t have another job lined up yet, but I am confident that this break will be wonderful for my mental health and wellbeing, and that I will be able to find something new when the time is right.

Since hearing that I am leaving my job, many people have asked me what I will be doing all day, and won’t I be bored? Well, let me tell you… I have a ton of things to do!

I currently have two active side hobbies/businesses — I sell Thirty-One, and I make and sell terrariums.  With more free time during the week, I will be able to dedicate more time to each of these businesses. I would also like to start up a Project Life/pocket scrapbooking kit club and online scrapbook resale site. These three things alone will be able to take up a good chunk of each week for me.

On top of that, I am looking forward to catching up on all of my scrapbooking and side projects. Josh and I have a house FULL of potential organization projects and home improvements — I have a hard time believing that I will be bored any time soon!

I am a little nervous about our financial situation with me not working, but I am confident that we will be able to get through this and that my side hobbies will pull in enough income to cover all of our bills and still have a little left over for fun.


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I am a late 20-something living with her husband and 6 furry children. I love crafts, gardening, board games, baking, hiking, beer, video games and books. My blog reflects every aspect of my life.

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