5-A-Day February

I absolutely love spring cleaning. I hate clutter and messes – they fill me with an overwhelming sense of anxiety and drain my motivation. But no matter how hard I try to keep up with things, clutter seems to happen. Junk mail, pet toys, thrift store visits, subscription boxes, holidays… it seems like the items in my house multiply each week.

For the month of February, I decided to declutter by getting rid of 5 items each day. I didn’t want to set specific rules for myself, so I decided the 5 things could be anything, as long as it wasn’t just garbage from that day that should have been picked up anyway. Those 5 things then need to be sold, donated, or recycled. If I was going to try to sell it on one of the local buy/sell/trade facebook sites I needed to post it that day, and if it hadn’t sold within a week it went into the donation box. Once a week the donation box is taken to a local thrift shop.

I mentioned the idea to my husband, mostly so he would know why I was suddenly getting rid of things randomly. To my surprise, he said that he wanted to join in! So now we will be getting rid of a total of 10 things each day in February — that’s 280 less unwanted clutter that we will have!

Here is the chart that I created – we have this posted on our fridge so we can check it off each day as a reminder of what we’ve done so far. I also organized the days by different rooms in our house, so I wouldn’t feel like I was just randomly pulling things from different rooms. The last two days of the month are blank and I plan on using them to catch up in whatever room(s) still feel cluttered.

Filled in for my family

Do you want to do 5-A-Day February too? I posted a blank copy of the document below (in PDF format). Print it out and fill it in however works for you/your family.  If you’re struggling with ideas, here are a few to get you started. Once you start going around your house it will be easy, I promise!

  • Office – old bills and paperwork, calendars from previous years, pens/highlighters that are out of ink, old magazines and catalogs, ink cartridges from a printer you don’t have anymore
  • Bathroom – expired medicines and beauty products, hotel size shampoos/conditioners, towels and washcloths with rips or frayed edges, the rusty shower caddy you never use
  • Living Room/Family Room – controllers or remotes for electronics you no longer own, DVDs that you haven’t watched in the past year, candles with almost no wax left, the coasters that never actually get used, blankets and throw pillows that are worn out
  • Bedroom – mismatched sheet sets, trinkets that clutter the top of the dresser but otherwise just sit there
  • Kids’ Rooms – toys that they no longer play with, puzzles and games that are missing pieces, clothing with stains or holes
  • Closet – clothes, shoes and accessories that don’t fit or that haven’t been worn in ages, extra winter gear, baseball caps that aren’t comfortable or advertise a former job
  • Kitchen – small appliances that are missing parts, the beaters for the mixer that you don’t have anymore, the wok you got for your wedding and still haven’t used, cooking utensils that you have several of, coffee cups that are chipped or stained
  • Attic/Basement – old picture frames and artwork that you will never hang up again, holiday decorations that haven’t made the cut in the past two years, extra vases, old college textbooks
  • Garage – sports equipment that doesn’t fit anyone, balls that won’t stay inflated, old oil or fluids, tire chains for a vehicle that you don’t own anymore, lawn tools that are broken or rusty, cracked lawn furniture, old paint cans
  • Laundry Room/Other – collars and harnesses that no longer fit your pets, cleaning brushes with worn down bristles, empty containers that you’ve been ‘saving’

So, who’s with me? What are some of the rooms or items you can already think of declutter? Leave me a comment!

Download the blank 5-A-Day February document below and get started in your house!

5-A-Day Blank


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