It’s almost fall, y’all!

Fall is just around the corner. Pumpkin Spice Lattes have returned at Starbucks, the temperature in the morning is a little cooler, kids are heading back to school…

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite time of the year. A quick glance at my Pinterest account shows my love for all things fall, especially Halloween. In the last few weeks of summer I’m making a mad dash to finish some of my outdoor projects and landscaping work, in between weddings and family get-togethers. And I’ve already started planning my Halloween party, along with a mile long list of “winter projects”, ones that can be done even when it’s cold and stormy outside.

Are you clinging to the last few weeks of summer, or are you ready to great fall with open arms?


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I am a late 20-something living with her husband and 6 furry children. I love crafts, gardening, board games, baking, hiking, beer, video games and books. My blog reflects every aspect of my life.

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