I will be the first to admit it, my house is usually a mess. Neither my husband or I are particularly fond of chores. We both love garage sales/thrifting, and both have hobbies that involve collecting excessive amounts of “stuff”.  The clutter has been getting me down lately, so I’ve been trying to pare things down a bit by getting rid of a few things each day. Tonight I decided I just wanted to have a massive decluttering binge. I set myself of a goal of getting rid of 100 things — even if it was just a piece of junk mail or something broken, as long as I got it out of the house (trash, recycling or donation box), it counted. Surprisingly it was not difficult to find 100 things. In fact, I could probably do it again tomorrow night!

Are you feeling up for a little challenge to clear some clutter? Take 2 or 3 hours tonight and get rid of 100 things from your home! If you’re feeling stuck on where to get started or what types of things to get rid of, here are some suggestions.

Declutter 100 Items In One Evening

Bathroom –toss out all of those hotel samples that you’ve been collecting – do you really need them? Overstretched hair ties, combs/brushes with missing teeth and expired medications are also great things to toss. How many razors/shavers do you have? Make sure all of the blades you have match your current razor, otherwise toss them out!

Cleaning Supplies – If you have several mostly empty bottles of the same product, combine them. Also dispose of things that have been sitting around forever – if you haven’t used it to clean something in the past year, you probably won’t. Go through any cleaning rags and rubber/latex gloves and toss anything that has holes, etc.

Closet — get rid of any socks with holes or no mate and underwear with stretched elastic

Junk mail, old bills or bank statements and magazines/catalogs that you don’t read are all good items to declutter — don’t forget to recycle what you can, and shred anything with personal information on it!

Cords, cables, etc — Do you still need the charger from the phone you had two years ago? Is it really necessary to have three ethernet cables around the house when all of your devices are wireless?

Purse/Wallet — toss out expired coupons, punch cards for places that you don’t go to anymore, and any old receipts you have. Check the balance on all of your gift cards and throw out any empty ones.

Desk — pens and markers that have dried up, notebooks or notepads with only a few sheets left, and bent paperclips.

Miscellaneous: User manuals for products that you no longer own, puzzles or games that are missing pieces, candles that are almost out of wax and extra vases (how many bouquets of flowers will you ever display at once?)

What are some of your suggestions? Did you manage to get rid of 100 things? Leave me a message in the comments!


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I am a late 20-something living with her husband and 6 furry children. I love crafts, gardening, board games, baking, hiking, beer, video games and books. My blog reflects every aspect of my life.

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