Becoming a runner

What does it mean to be a “runner”? Is there a certain distance that you need to go? A certain number of races you’ve participated in? A particular speed at which you need to be able to run?



Anyone can be a runner. Whether you can run an ultra marathon or you struggle finishing 1 mile, you’re still running. Or jogging, in my case. But it’s still happening. And if you want to be a runner, then you are.

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of running. Many times over the years I’ve started a couch-to-5k type of program, only to find myself giving up when I felt like I couldn’t make it over a mile without giving up. Does this sound familiar to any of you?

My running companion Kingsley

Here’s the thing — I’m still running. Even if it’s only 2 or 3 miles, and even if I need to take a 1-2 minute walking break every now and again. And tomorrow I will run a little bit longer, or perhaps a little bit further. Eventually I will reach my goal — and then it’s time to set a new one!


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I am a late 20-something living with her husband and 6 furry children. I love crafts, gardening, board games, baking, hiking, beer, video games and books. My blog reflects every aspect of my life.

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