Doggy Dental Care

My youngest pup Isabelle has some stinky breath. When we first rescued her she has a lot of issues with her gums, resulting in her not liking the chew bones much, and gum bleeding when she did. There is a lot of plaque buildup on her teeth, which is cause for alarm — poor oral hygiene can cause a lot of long-term problems for dogs. At our vet’s suggestion, she is going to enjoy toothbrushing with me at night before bed.IMG_20161212_184526.jpg

Enter the doggy toothbrush. I’ve tried using a regular toothbrush, because we happened to have an extra sitting around. She has a pretty small mouth/jaw, so it’s tough to get the toothbrush in there, but it was working ok. But then I got a chance to try this toothbrush set from Next Level Pet — it’s so much nicer! The large toothbrush has two ends: a bigger end for big dogs, and the smaller end for smaller mouths. It also comes with two “attachments” that you can put on your finger. One is a normal brush type, the other has rubbery nubs for massaging the gums. The package includes a recipe for doggy toothpaste on the back, but for now we are just using water.

Here’s to hoping for a healthier mouth and no expensive dental bills!